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Jupiter International     Tag Label Printing Machine

Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Where are the machine made?

this machines are manufactured in Temecula, California, USA.

What is the typical production speed of these machines?

Its depends on the product you are printing on ….but it is about 1000-1500 pcs per hour, but the machine will match any human speed. We have seen loaders as slow as 500 units per hour and as fast as 2130 pcs per hour.

What type of installation is required for the Rapid Tag?    

The machine comes fully assembled in the crate. This means all you have to do is take the machine out of the crate, plug it in, and start playing with it!

Can the machine be customized?

Yes, but we are asking for serious inquiries only! Our time is valuable in different areas of the company. We usually take some sort of a deposit before we start designing your dream machine. Price will depend on the complexity of the design and manufacturing. Normal delivery time may increase depending on the complexity of the design and manufacturing.

What is typical maintenance on this machine?

Light bulbs are advertised to last you 2000 hours. You want to put high temperature rate grease in the gears every 3-4 months also keep track of pneumatic tool oil in the lubricator. We have not had any problems with our motor or our cylinder.

Do I have to purchase Flash Cure separately?

No, each print head comes with a flash cure unit. So this means you do not have to print wet on wet.

Is there a warranty?

All machine come with 01 year warranty on all parts and labor.

Small Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Key Features
•Parts Sensor (no product no print)
•9 x 20 screens (able to put 3 images on one screen: example S, M, L)
•Servo Indexer
•Adjustable Stroke and flood speed
•Squeegee Angle Adjustment
•Parts Counter
•High Density Flash Cure Units
•Dwell set up
•Index Speed & Curing Time Set up
•Color Touch Screen
•Hoodie arms
•Stroke adjustment
•Pneumatic Screen Locks

•5x Stations
•1x Print Heads
•2x High Density Flash Cure Units
•Standard Pallet Size 4" Wide x 8 " Long (10 cm x 20 cm)
•Standard Frame Size 9" x 20" (22 cm x 50 cm)

Requirements Power
•110 Volt
•Single Phase
•25 amps
- OR -
•220 Volt
•Single Phase
•15 amps

•Clean dry air
•90-110 psi

•Machine is 36″ in diameter about 55″ tall
•Standard Pallet Size 4" Wide x 8 " Long (10 cm x 20 cm)
•Flash Cure Size 5" x 5" (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm)
•Max Image Print Area 6" x 6" (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm)

Shipping Information
•260 lbs (120 kg) shipping weight
•Crate size 42" x 42" x 63" (106.68 cm x 106.68 cm x 160.02 cm)
•Domestic Class 175
•International Shipments are all heat treated